SunButter Cookie Recipe — Food Allergies Part 3

In my previous Food Allergy post, I mentioned that I use SunButter.  SunButter is made from sunflower seeds and can be used as a substitute for peanut butter and other nut butters.  In my house, peanuts and tree nuts are strictly avoided.  Peanut Butter Cookies have always been a favorite of mine so I adapted the recipe to be allergy free for me.  (Always remember what is allergy free for one person isn’t necessarily allergy free for another.)

Unbelievable SunButter Cookies


  • 1 cup SunButter (Natural)
  • 1 cup White Sugar
  • 1 Egg


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
  2. Cream sunbutter and sugar.
  3. Add egg and mix until smooth.
  4. Use cookie scoop to shape dough into balls.
  5. Place on ungreased cookie sheet. (I use a Silpat & an Airbake cookie sheet.)
  6. Flatten dough balls by criss-crossing with a fork.
  7. Bake until done.
  8. Yields about 2 - 2.5 dozen.

Then…what better way to serve your cookies than on a vintage platter.  Here are a few selections from Etsy.

Vintage Edwin M Knowles Platter

Vintage Edwin M Knowles Platter featured at WhimzyThyme


Vintage Blue and White Platter

Vintage Blue and White Platter featured at 2aEmporium


Vintage Round Couroc Tray

Vintage Round Couroc Tray featured at VintageMaineia


Vintage Strawberry Platter

Vintage Strawberry Platter featured at 2aEmporium


Vintage Homer Laughlin Platter

Vintage Homer Laughlin Platter featured at Rt9NJvintageFun

You can always use your favorite substitute for white sugar.  And, you can substitute 1/4 cup of unsweetened applesauce for the egg.  I hope you’ll give the cookie recipe a try.  Be sure to serve them on your favorite vintage platter!

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10 thoughts on “SunButter Cookie Recipe — Food Allergies Part 3

  1. Fantastic! Vintage china plates and platters are wonderful to have around during the holidays. Not only can you server goodies in them at home but you can give them as gifts. I always bake goodies for friends and neighbors and bring the cookies or breads in vintage china they can keep.

    • What a great idea to use vintage china as part of your gift with baked goodies! Thank you for taking time to stop by and comment. Your shop is lovely!!

    • JD, the cookies are yummy! As a matter of fact, I will be making some this weekend. They freeze well so I put portions in freezer bags and pull them out a few at a time.

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