Character Training Begins With Humility

Mrs. A. Character Training Thoughts in Passing

We are all educators of character whether we are formally trained as a teacher or not.  We educate by what we say and what we do.  Our values are front and center for others to see and often times emulate.  As a homeschool mom, I knew that instilling good character traits in my children was paramount to me.  I wanted to not only educate them well academically but train them to be courageous, compassionate and moral people. 

Character Training could begin in a variety of ways.  I've seen lists containing more than 48 character traits, and I'm sure with a little thought one could come up with even more.  For me, character training has to start with humility.

Of course, let's not confuse the words humility and humiliate.  To humiliate someone is to embarrass or shame them, making them feel lower in position in their own eyes or in the eyes of someone else.  Quite the contrary, humility is a down-to-earth, modest estimation of one's self or abilities.  It's being teachable because one knows they don't know it all.  To me, being teachable is where you have to start! 

I've added a few free downloads for the character trait of humility to the 2aClassroom Collection and have featured a sampling of styles below.  These would make great classroom decor for your bulletin board.  I would suggest printing them on white card stock and laminating them for long term use.

Humility Poster

Humility Poster

Humility Poster

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