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You’ve been to the doctor, done the skin and/or blood tests, and then the diagnosis comes — Food Allergies!!

OK…so you just can’t eat certain things, right?  Then you go to the grocery store and reality sets in.  Just what is it that you can eat?


First the disclaimer:  I am not a trained medical professional, a trained dietitian or even a self-proclaimed Know-It-All about food allergies.  So please do not take my posts about food allergies as medical advice.  These are my own personal experiences and findings.  Always check with your doctor first!!


Did you know that according to F.A.R.E., if everyone with food allergies lived in the same state that it would be the 5th largest state in America?  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?  This is such a massive topic that I can’t possibly exhaust it in one post.  I plan to do follow-up posts with some of my personal allergy-free staples for the food pantry, some favorite recipes, substitutions, more about cross-contact and other things I’ve learned.

So without further adieu...

Ten Things I’ve learned along the way about Food Allergies:

1.  Always see a doctor who is a Board Certified Allergist to be tested, diagnosed and to develop a plan.  Don’t make assumptions.  Ask if they are Board Certified in Allergies.  I learned this the hard way.

2. Always carry your Epi-pen with you if one is necessary.  Know how to use it!

3. Get familiar with your particular food allergies.  I carry a copy with me and have one posted on the inside of my kitchen cabinet for easy referral.

4.  Keep a food diary and record any reactions you might have.

5.  Know how to read food labels for your particular allergies and understand what “processed with” on the label means and how it affects you.

6.  ALWAYS check food labels EVERY time you purchase the item.  Companies change their ingredients and their processing procedures from time to time.

7.  Learn about cross-contact and practice safe food preparation.

8.  Learn substitutions.  IE:  If you are allergic to eggs, then learn what you can substitute in the place of them.

9.  Don’t be shy about saying “No Thank You” if you are offered food and you don’t know what is it in.  You are your best advocate!

10. Understand that life doesn’t end with a diagnosis of Food Allergies.  It only changes.  Concentrate on what you CAN eat and not on what you CAN’T eat.  For me, it has been a change toward being healthier!



2 thoughts on “Food Allergies — 10 Things To Know

  1. GailSeptember 8, 2016 at 9:48PM

This is all interesting and informative. I don’t think I have food allergies but know people who do. I always try to be to be considerate of them when I cook meals they will share.

  1. Mrs. A.September 8, 2016 at 9:55PM

Thanks for commenting, Gail. I hope to share a few of my favorite allergy-free (for me) recipes soon.

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