Announcing Color of The Year - 2018

Mrs. A. Thoughts in Passing

One thing is for sure...nothing ever stays the same when it comes to the trending home decor style of the times including color preferences.  I will say that while color palettes may shift, I personally don't think there will ever be a shift away from vintage.  It's beautiful, useful, and in some cases, even better quality than what you can buy off the shelf today.

I created a poll on my FaceBook page today asking my readers to vote between the two 2018 Color of the Year choices.  Benjamin Moore presents Caliente and Sherwin Williams presents Oceanside.  It will be interesting to see how each of you vote.  You can either leave your vote in a comment below or go to the poll on FaceBook to cast your vote. Of course, it you aren't leaning toward either color, let me know that in the comments section on the blog as well.  You might even what to let me know if you prefer a different decorating color.  This will be fun to see the end result of the poll.   

Thanks for leaving your vote!

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  • Mrs. A. on

    @Lizzy and Boo
    I agree! Both would be stunning in a vintage setting. Thanks for casting your vote. Give my regards to Boo. :o)

  • Lizzy and Boo on

    Both are beautiful and would look stunning in a Vintage Decor setting. But my personal choice would definitely be the Oceanside – I’ve always been very partial to blue!?

  • Mrs. A. on

    Thanks for voting. The Oceanside is my choice, too. I think it’s because I’ve done so much Americana decor in the past that I’m kind of tired of red.

  • Laura Crumm on

    I like them both but would be less likely to get tired of the blue.

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