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We're Expanding at 2aEmporium

Great News!!  We have expanded our shop collections and our blogs!!

Just as our About Us page says..."Our shop isn't one dimensional, but rather (like our lives) is a delightful, multifaceted variety of collections!..."  So what has changed?

Vintage Collections--

2aEmporium will still specialize in Vintage Kitchen and Home Decor as well as Vintage-Made where vintage and handmade meet.  It's still the same great products and the same great customer experience, but we're adding one more facet to this collection...Nearly Vintage.  Missives from The Mrs, our original blog primarily about vintage, will still be publishing interesting articles and favorite vintage and vintage-inspired finds.

Specialty Collections--

2aClassroom is an exciting new collection that will provide educational products, supplies, and downloads.  Our contributors come from a long line of public and home educators.  My grandmother, a school teacher in the early 1900's, drove a horse and buggy to the school where she taught.  The heart of our blog for this collection will be this quote by Aristotle -- "Educating the mind without educating the heart, is no education at all."  For now, as we are preparing our inventory, we will be listing some free downloads.  Check it out!

AllergyFree4Me has been a project in the making for quite a while, and I am so excited to offer this collection and blog.  The AllergyFree4Me blog is designed to offer support to the allergy community and to gently educate those with and without allergies.  We are working on some design elements and logistics so products will be coming soon.  We are excited to donate 10% of all AllergyFree4Me sales to F.A.R.E. for Food Allergy Research and Education. 

It has been exciting to expand and bring under a single "Emporium" roof (so to speak) other dimensions of who we are and what we can contribute to your life.  Let us know what you think of our expansion of collections and the new blogs.  We always appreciate your comments.

Mrs. A. - 2aEmporium 

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  • Mrs. A. on

    Thanks for commenting AND for checking back in often.

  • redcurlzs on

    Congratulations on the expansion! I’ll be checking in often to see it all!

  • Mrs. A. on

    Thank you! I’m really looking forward to the new collections.

  • JayDee on

    It’s exciting to see all these things that you’re pulling together. I look forward to reading more. Wishing you the best on your expansion!

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