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Fall is probably my favorite time of year because of the brilliant colors!!  So for October Faves, I've chosen three events to celebrate Fall from coast to coast in the United States.

  • Let's start on the East Coast with the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.  They provide a unique way to celebrate Fall with features like "Make Your Own Glass Pumpkins", a demonstration of glass pumpkins being created, a shop to purchase locally-made pumpkins, Fall treats and much more.  Be sure to make plans to go between now and November 30th. 
Corning Museum of Glass
Photo Source:  Corning Museum of Glass
  • Moving to the Heartland of America in Oklahoma.  Have you heard?  American Pickers is coming to Oklahoma!!  It's in all the newspapers, but here's an article written by Max Gross that tells the story well...Bartlesville Radio News.

American Pickers - Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz

Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz 

Photo Source:  History Channel

  • And now for the West Coast in Washington State. October 20 and 21 is the Anacortes Vintage Market -- FALLiday Vintage & Gift Show .  The ad states "All vendors will be fully stocked with home décor, garden goodies, antiques, repurposed, upcycled items ready to find a new home with you."  Sounds like great fun.  Wondering where Anacortes is?  Check out the map below.
Anacortes Washington Map
Anacortes, Washington
I hope you enjoyed our trip from coast to coast celebrating Fall.  Do you have a favorite place to celebrate this season?  It would be fun to see how many places we could add to the map.

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  • Mrs. A. on

    I do, too, Tina. They DO sound like fun! Thanks for commenting.

  • Tina on

    Wish I was closer to some of those events, they sound fun!

  • Mrs. A. on

    I thought you’d enjoy this blog post. ;o) I’ve always heard the Talimena National Scenic Byway is beautiful during the Fall in Oklahoma, but I’ve never been there. Hope to do that some day. If I ever make it back to Anacortes, I’ll come in the Fall and take us to the Vintage Market. My treat! It sounds like great fun.

  • Laura Crumm on

    Anacortes?? Hmm—mmmm. Oh,, I’m here. Haven’t ever been to the vintage market. Didn’t want to pay to go to a market where all the vendors are trying to sell me something, but that’s just me. I hear it’s a great place. I used to love going across the mountains to the east side. The mountain passes are so beautiful this time of year. ;Haven’t had the opportunity to go recently. The leaves were really late turning this year.

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