Pickin' and Choosin' -- February Monthly Faves

Mrs. A. Monthly Faves

I've been Pickin' and Choosin' from interesting things I've found on the Internet to feature in February Monthly Faves.  My choices don't have a theme so there is no rhyme or reason for listing them together except I found them interesting and hope you do, too.

1.  Shadow Box Ideas and Creative Ways to Display Meaningful Memories

I saw this one displaying the American flag and medals and wished we had done something like this for my uncle.  He was a celebrated WW II hero.  We could have displayed his Distinguished Flying Cross among the many other medals he received, the blue star banner my grandmother proudly hung in her window, and an American flag.

Shadow Box with War MedalsImage Source:  Simply Home

More interesting ways to use shadow boxes can be found by reading Shadow Box Ideas, Cute and Creative Displaying Meaningful Memories on Simply Home.  What memories would you display in a shadow box?

2.  Pony Tail Palm

In my spare time, I am an educational tutor.  While doing some research for a science lesson about the Plant Kingdom, I came across such an interesting plant to me -- A Pony Tail Palm!  It reminds me of the "messy" ponytail fad. :o)  A member of the Agave family, this plant is drought tolerant and very easy to grow.  Now that's the kind of plant that I need!!  What about you?

Pony Tail Palm_2aEmporium.com

Image Source:  Bloomscape.com

Read more about the Pony Tail Palm and other fascinating plants as well as how to purchase them at Bloomscape.

3.  Ten Must-Have Apps for Decorating Your Home

If you love to decorate and re-decorate your home...and who doesn't, maybe these apps will help make the process easier.  Many of the apps have free versions.

Decorating Apps_2aEmporium

 Image Source:  ElleDecor.com

Check out all of the apps listed in the article 10 MUST-HAVE APPS THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU DECORATE on ElleDecor.

Well, that's what I found while Pickin' and Choosin'.  Let me know what you think.


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