Pickin' and Choosin' -- March Monthly Faves

Mrs. A. Monthly Faves

I've been Pickin' and Choosin' from interesting things I've found on the Internet to feature in March Monthly Faves.  My choices don't have a theme so there is no rhyme or reason for listing them together except I found them interesting and hope you do, too.

1.  12 Plants That Repel Unwanted Insects

As someone who deals with environmental allergies, I found this article very helpful.  It highlights some natural ways to ward off those pesky insects during the spring and summer.  Choose one of these to pot or plant near your outdoor family area to make your time more enjoyable.


Image Source: Toshihiro Gomo/Flickr 

You can read about all twelve plants and their insect repelling properties on Mother Nature Network.

2.  Garden "Stack-a-Pots" DIY Project

I'm always game for a good DIY project!!  This one looks super simple and lots of fun.  You'll get to showcase your creativity with this quick weekend project.

Stacked Pot Project_2aEmporium

Image Source:  Flea Market Gardening

I think I'll rummage through my shed for some vintage clay pots to start this project.  What about you?  You'll find more "Stack-A-Pot" ideas in the article "Easy Projects - Stack-A-Pots" by Flea Market Gardening.

3.  Tiny Homes...Could You Live in One?

People move into Tiny Homes for a multitude of reasons.  Some want to minimalize their living space and others want financial freedom.  While still others want to be more mobile moving from location to location or be self-sustaining and off the grid.  I don't live in a Tiny House and probably never will, but I am totally fascinated by them.

Tiny House Porch_2aEmporium.com

 Image Source:  Roger Davies/Country Living

This article found in Country Living -- "84 Tiny Houses That Will Convince You To Downsize" is a must see/read.  What's your style of Tiny House?  Whimsical...Cottage...Vintage...Rustic...Classic.  This article has them all.

Well, that's what I found while Pickin' and Choosin'.  Let me know what you think.


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