Three Ways to Use Vintage Plates

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Vintage plates are so cool.  They served a single purpose when new, but can serve multiple purposes when loved the second time around.  Let's look at three ways to use vintage plates.

  1. As their intended purpose -- use them as plates!  This purpose is probably the most obvious one, but how about deviating a bit from just setting your own dining room table.  What happens when a bride uses a vintage theme for her wedding?  

Mismatched China for Vintage Wedding - Photo by CREATIX PHOTOGRAPHY

Vintage Wedding Table Setting


2.  As Wall Decor -- Two different ways to display vintage plates.  Make a display wall of plates.  For example, this can be done with the same color scheme such as all blue and white plates, all pastel colors, or all floral designs.  Here is wall display with a more elegant look...

Vintage Plate Wall Decor

Elegant Vintage Plate Wall Decor

PHOTO: 2011 Princess Margaret Showhouse, via Canadian House & Home

...But you could also do this DIY project to hang your plate collection and create a more country or industrial look.

Wooden Industrial Plate Rack

DIY Industrial Plate Rack for Vintage Plates


3.  And finally...Aren't these the cutest things?  Vintage Plate Hooks.  Use a vintage plate or saucer that matches your specific decor preferences.  Then, you would need to drill holes in them to attach the purse hooks or the hooks could be bonded to the plates with GE Silicone II Clear Caulk.  Be sure to let the glue set securely before using.  Can't you just see your favorite apron hanging from one of these vintage plate hooks?  Or what about a gift for a friend? 

Vintage Wall Plate Hook Idea

 DIY Vintage Wall Plate Hooks

PHOTO:  Ms. Smartie Pants Blog

Do these ideas have your creative juices flowing?  Be sure to check out the vintage plates and saucers in the Vintage Kitchen and Dining Collection at 2aEmporium.


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  • Mrs. A. on

    Another great idea for using vintage plates!!

  • JD on

    All great ideas!
    I use vintage white plates with interesting shaped edges with round mirrors. I use E6000 glue to glue the mirrors to the centers of the plates. Just hang the plates on the wall in a grouping of three or more, and you have a really cool look.

  • Mrs. A. on

    Thank you for sharing the ways you use vintage plates and bowls. All great ideas.

    @ Laura
    I think making the hooks would be something you would enjoy. I can just see a vintage apron hanging from one.

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting ladies.

  • Laura Crumm on

    Great ideas. I especially liked the hooks.

  • Pam on

    Love old plates and so many ways to show them off even if they have chips or crazing. I use them to display fruit, treats, candy, etc., as well as for wall decor. Love the wall plate hook idea.

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