What Do The Markings Mean?

Mrs. A. Thoughts in Passing Vintage Finds

Have you ever looked at the bottom of a piece of china or pottery and wondered what the markings mean?  I told you about some reference books I found at an estate sale in a previous blog post Part Detective, Part Luck.  While glancing through one of those books, Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks by Ralph and Terry Kovel, I found some interesting facts worth sharing.

For instance, did you know the difference between these terms?

"Designed expressly for -- ca. 1927 to present

Factories sometimes made special patterns for use by one special customer.  These were often marked with the customer's name as well as the factory name."

"Made expressly for, made exclusively for -- ca. 1927 to present

A factory made the dishes with a special design used by one customer."

Or what about these two distinctions?

"Detergent proof -- ca.1944 to present

The design will not wash off if dishwashing detergent is used."

"Dishwasher safe -- after 1955

The dishes can safely be washed in a dishwasher.  The heat of the water will not injure the decoration or ceramic."

I hope this was a helpful post.  Do you have markings that you look for when purchasing vintage dishes?



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  • JD on

    Thank you – I’ve learned something new! It’s always interesting to learn what different marks mean.

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