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Mrs. A. Thoughts in Passing

I promised a follow-up post to "You Have To Start Somewhere" that would tell you why I use the online nickname or pseudonym of "Mrs. A.".  There's really a very simple explanation for all of this, but let's see if I can jazz it up a bit. :o)

For years, famous authors have used pseudonyms or pen names instead of their real names.  In the 1920s, Theodor Seuss Geisel began writing under the pen name Doctor Seuss.  He later shortened his pen name to Dr. Suess, and we know him as the beloved author of over 60 children's books.  Yes, you've probably heard of Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss, but I feel certain that very few, if any of you, knew the name Theodor Seuss Geisel.  

Green Eggs and Ham

Let's fast forward to the 1950s.  Jimmy Durante, an icon in vaudeville and radio shows, always ended his shows with "Goodnight, Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are".  But why?? 


Many speculated as to just who this Mrs. Calabash could be.  According to Wikipedia, "At a National Press Club meeting in 1966, Durante finally revealed that it was indeed a tribute to his wife. While driving across the country, they stopped in a small town called Calabash, whose name Jean had loved. "Mrs. Calabash" became his pet name for her, and he signed off his radio program with "Good night, Mrs. Calabash." He added "wherever you are" after the first year."  There you have it...the mysterious Mrs. Calabash was a nickname for his wife.  Incidentally, Durante didn't reveal who Mrs. Calabash was until 23 years after his wife's death.

Fast forward even further...to today's world and the prolific use of the internet.  Pseudonymity is a very common practice on the internet.  People comment on blogs and establish long-term professional relationships under a nickname.  The reason is simple - they want a unique and professional name identifier for business without divulging their private life.  This is precisely why I use a nickname.

But why the nickname of "Mrs. A."?  That too is a simple answer.  It's the pseudonym I chose because the "A" has significance to me...just like Seuss for Theodor Geisel and Calabash for Durante.  Now...I doubt I will ever reach the fame of Dr. Seuss or Jimmy Durante.  But, I do hope that the names "Mrs. A." and "2aEmporium" will become as synonymous with great products and great customer service as Seuss was with the literary world and Durante was with comedy.

Mrs. A. - 2aEmporium

            Mrs. A. of 2aEmporium    





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  • Mrs. A. on

    Thanks, Laura, for stopping by and leaving a comment. I thought it was interesting to find out who Mrs. Calabash was as well.

  • Laura Crumm on

    Very interesting. Now I know who Mrs. Calabash was.

  • Mrs. A. on

    Thanks! I appreciate your encouragement.

  • JayDee on

    I enjoyed your article, Mrs. A – you definitely have great products and customer service. I also learned something new – I never knew why Jimmy Durante said that. Now I know. ;-)

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