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Someone asked me the other day "How did you get started selling online?"  Well, it's not a particularly long story nor is it fraught with excitement.  No bright idea, sudden revelation, or "Ah Ha" moment.

Ah Ha Moment for 2aEmporium

I had sold online several years ago through Ebay and Amazon so it seemed a natural solution to me to seek out an online venue when I found myself with something that I wanted to sell.  Several of my friends were opening shops on something called "Etsy".  It was 2014, and I'd never heard of Etsy much less purchased anything from an Etsy shop.  So why did I open an Etsy shop you might wonder?!? To tell you the truth, this absolutely wonderful online adventure that has spanned several years now all started with a Craft Fair!

Craft Fair_2015

Our Small Table at the Local Craft Fair

There is a local craft fair that Mrs. B. and I usually participate in.  Mrs. B. is very talented and made some adorable snowman pillow covers and pillows. All were hand-embroidered and hand-appliqued.  Just so sweet!!  She priced them fairly and put them in the local craft show. Only one of them sold!!!  Count them with me...ONE!!  How could people not see the adorableness of these pillows and the sheer craftsmanship involved??  Mrs. B. was a tad bummed-out after all the hours and hours of hard work she had put into making them. We live in a small town, so I said "Hey, why don't I list them for you on this thing called Etsy and see if you can get a broader audience?". So I set up an Etsy shop and called it Two Artisans thinking that there were two of us and we would strictly be making handmade items for sale.  Hence, the Artisans part of the name.

You've Just Gotta Love Vintage_2aEmporium

Then...I realized Etsy also had vintage listings which just happened to coincide with the same timing that I was cleaning out and down-sizing in my kitchen. I would look at something in my kitchen cabinet and say "Hey, that's vintage" I'd list it on Etsy. And...the vintage started selling. I got really excited and started going to estate sales, garage sales and anywhere else that I thought I could find vintage items. I'd list them and sell them. I thought this was a pretty sweet deal. I could stay at home, stay incognito to the internet world, and have my own business.

Soon I realized that what started out as selling a few handmade pillows had morphed into an online business that I really, really enjoy.  I like the hunt for the vintage treasure, the research that tells its story, and the anticipation that someone will see the value in an item appreciating it a second time around.


You might wonder if our store name began as Two did it become 2aEmporium?  Or you might even be wondering if we have two different stores?  Those are great questions!!  We're one business, selling on two platforms - Etsy and now on our own website.  A couple of years ago, we changed the name of our business to 2aEmporium because it better reflects who we are.  We still have the same great products and the same great customer experience, but now we can offer you EVEN MORE on our website!  While we specialize in Vintage Kitchen and Home Decor, we still sell handmade as well as Vintage-Made where handmade and vintage meet.  We work hard to bring you unique and useful pieces and have plans for even more great collections in the future.  

Any time you see our logo 2aEmporium Logo, you'll know it's us whether on FaceBook, Pinterest or Instagram.  Thanks for being a loyal customer. We look forward to working with you again.  And to all started with some adorable snowman pillows at a local craft fair!!

Stayed tuned for my next post on why my online name is Mrs. A. :o) 




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    Enjoyed this. It’s been awhile

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