Vintage Hand-Embroidered Tea Towel "Make Yourself His Wife"

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Vintage Hand-Embroidered Tea Towel.  Embroidered on the tea towel is "Make Yourself His Wife".  It features a man and woman dressed in charming wedding attire.  This would make a lovely gift.  I use fun vintage tea towels as an accent piece, hanging them on a quilt rack along with my vintage or antique quilts.

The embroidery work is very skilled and completely intact.  The tea towel is made of cotton muslin, fabric is not worn, and measures 18.5" wide and 30.5" long.  Three sides are finished with machine stitching using a light purple thread.  One side of the Tea Towel is the selvage edge of the fabric meaning it is self-finished with no additional stitching required. 

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