Saturday Evening Post Lithograph Prints, Set of 2

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This listing is for a set of 2 full-color reproductions of original Saturday Evening Post covers from the magazine's early days in 1936. The prints show the cost of the magazine at the time was 5 cents. Now those were the "Good Old Days"!

One print is of a little boy and girl sharing a soda. She has a love-struck look in her eyes while he is wide-eyed in panic searching frantically for money in his pockets to pay for the treat. It is an adorable picture!

The other print is of a elderly is the salesman and the other the customer. It shows a chicken is being weighed on scales while they both put a finger on the scale to tip things in their own favor. Their nostalgic characters are precious!

The background on each print is on off-white. Each is printed on fine quality paper and suitable for framing. The prints are 5x7's.

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